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We are a looking for a 2+ bedroom with 1.5+ bathroom in Eramosa/Rockwood area to call home. We hope to find somewhere BEFORE Xmas to be able to set up our Xmas Tree. I am a VERY tidy person. Professional organizer to be exact. We have 2 very well litter trained cats. I have them equipped with "Gel Claws" to prevent scratching, works just as if they were declawed. I have a 5yr old son who loves the outdoors. So I am looking for somewhere that has a fenced in yard or place we would be allowed permission to fence. I have a VERY handy family (roofers, lawn care, cleaners, mechanics, general electrics, painters, dry-walling and framers). So I would love to contribute help on a place if needed. But must be livable fixer upper. Bonus to landlords - if it's something not so expensive - we are very handy, so we won't be calling you for everything little thing that goes wrong. As we normally fix our own things out of our own pocket. We don't like to hassle anyone, especially over no brainer fixes. Looking to spend > $1000.00. But let me know what you have, and if it's on the plus side of $1000.00 I may consider, if utilities are included. Consider us - if you have somewhere that meets our needs and we can see it being our home - we can do the painting and cleaning before moving in, saves you the work! :)


Rockwood, Ontario

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